TricomPES is a joint venture company bringing together the expertise from the two parent companies Tricom Structures of South Africa and PES of Thailand,
  • to support Eskom’s capital expansion program
  • to handle projects in Southern Africa
  • to undertake design & engineering, supply and construction of HV substations and transmission lines.

  • Line Survey and Routing
  • Conceptual Design and Planning
  • Upgrading, Optimization or Renovation
  • Design and Analysis of Foundation
  • Tower and Steel Structure
  • Conductor Sag- and Load Calculation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Training Courses

  • Special Line Design & Construction
  • Line Construction in Industrial Areas
  • Line Construction in Urban Areas
  • Line Dismantling with Buy-Back
  • Combined T&D Works
  • Substation Refurbishment
  • New Substations